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Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L)
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Close Encounters of the Moroccan Kind!
10:02:59 PM Thursday May 18, 2006

His name is Mes3oud, at 10 pm in Tit-Mellil, and after selling some of his Gerga3, he chained his karroussa against 3moud dial Daw, then Jumped on his Mobylette Safra, and headed home with a forced smile on his face.

All of sudden he couldn?t feel the bumpy road anymore, as the wheels of his bike lifted off of the ground, while the shadow of his Mobylette was projected on the asphalt by a powerful light coming from above...

In fear and panic he started reciting what ever Quranic verses came his way... After few seconds in the air, he saw himself entering a gate and ended up being inside a room where the walls were acting as video screens through which Mes3oud was able to see the souk he was at, the road to his home, and even his karroussa attached to Poto dial daw! Still sitting on the top of mobylette, a fragile-looking creature standing on 2 legs appeared, and made a gesture with its hand, exposing its 3 fingers.

It must be their way of saying "Salamo 3alaikom" Mes3oud thought...then he replied:
-BojoR Msio, komontalivou?

The creature smiled, and came closer to him, he felt a strange effect from his large and liquidy black eyes for sure. Mes3oud started hearing him speak while the alien being had his mouth closed...

Mes3oud, repeated "TSaghfirlah" several times, but that didn?t help... What was in front of him was Real!!!
The creature told him:
"Greetings Mes3oud !".

Mes3oud, having cold sweat running down his back, asked :
"Euh... Are you a Jen? "

The Alien replied: "I know what you are referring to... but no... I am not exactly that...!

Mes3oud: What are you then? And why did you bring me to this strange building ?

The alien replied: You have many questions in your mind, I understand that... but be patient, the answers will come in due time... We brought you here onboard, because you are the Chosen one!
Terrorized for his life, Mes3oud said:
"I have 75 Dirhams in my pocket and 4 kilos of Gerga3 left... take all of it... Please... I am the father of 9 children...!

All of a sudden, 3 other creatures appeared from an opening gate. As they watched Mes3oud, they fell on their knees, and lowered their heads as a gesture of high respect.
Mes3oud: "Allah yerebbilah this is too much... When am I going to wake up...??"

What seems to be the leader alien explained:
- I am Captain K'GorG, Our race is in danger of extinction.... our civilization has made us less and less resistant to everything... including ourselves... A flue can wipe out an entire city... A bad joke can push a citizen to suicide... We have become weak from inside! Now... continued the spaceman, while tears are running down his alien face... we need YOUR help...You are the most gifted specimen in the Milky Way, Mes3oud!

Getting even more confused, Mes3oud replied:
-Heuh... I spent most of my life trying to sell Gerga3, most of it gets eaten up by people passing by... and you telling me that I can save your race...? How?

K'GorG: "Indeed, for centuries we have been scanning through all the nearby galaxies looking for a creature with such an inner strength like yours, perseverance, resistance to hard conditions, and strong will to survive with the little at disposal... Finally our scanning system did beam us towards Morocco, and finally towards you, you are the best match around... I wish our race had what you have...!

Mes3oud: Ok, Ehum... How can I help you then? And if I do... would you help me sell my gerga3?
The Captain interrupted: You won't have to sell
Ge3ga3 anymore...

Mes3oud: "Don't tell me I could try Taibouhari... I did it already, but no thanks!"

K'Gorg: You see, Mes3oud... We can trace the atoms you
are made of, all the way back to the first man who walked... euh... the Earth... The heroic data recorded on them, is one of its kind...We need a blood sample from you so that we can duplicate its atomic make up and "inject" it to our future babies waiting at the production lines...

Feeling more reassured than scared, Mes3oud took a deep breath and said: "If my son was here... he would have understood everything you are talking about... he likes french very much!"
K'Gorg approached Mes3oud with a crystal pyramid-shaped device in his hand, and asked him to touch it.

As Mes3oud did, the crystal became red, then it started beeping... Obviously it did extract a blood sample from his finger and did analyze it.
The entire Alien crew cheered of joy, making a kind of Tzaghrita sounds with their mouth.
In a sign of recognition, K'Gorg took off a necklace from his neck, a lace to which it was attached what appeared to be a simple Loubana stone.
Surprised, Mes3oud articulated: Is that all what my blood is worth, after saving your galaxy? A Loubana?

K'Gorg smiled and said, no my friend... when you will understand the power of this mineral, you will be able to do a lot of things... from healing, fueling space rockets to influencing the course of the future events to your benefit...

MeS3oud: "Euh... Like to sell or not sell... Gerga3? "
K'Gorg with a smile: "Something like that...!" then he continued : "This specific Loubana has been passed from generation to generation... I got it from my father who died 800 years ago, It did guide me all through my life, helped me avoid bad events, and brought good circumstances towards me... It is my gift to YOU !

The Alien put the necklace around Mes3oud's neck, while bowing to him as if he would be a higher being... then stepped back saying: "Salamu 3alaikum, my Earthling friend!?
The floor opened under Mes3oud's roaring Mobylette
Safra, and he was able to enjoy the sceneries from above during his soft descent in the air, he has never been on an airplane before...
As the tire touched the road, the bike kept rolling at a Mobylette speed, Mes3oud checked his watch, it was still 10:01 PM!

Without being able to explain why, he felt like a new born with a sense of hope, joy and strong positive attitude towards life as a Moroccan.
As he reached his humble home, he ran to Mahjouba, his wife, ready to share his unbelievable experience with her. He found her with the kids, jumping of joy... their son who was secretly playing lotto, has just won 5 Million Dirhams! Mes3oud stood there, touched his Loubana, and said...
"K'Gorg my friend... Tri9 S?lama!"

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10:06 pm    February 24, 2008
Suo [URL=] perro mondo [/URL] ed governo senza puta de foto [URL=] guarra della [/URL] mila fine, nell.

11:39 pm    August 20, 2006
Nari Nari Antara is back to his Atai bi shiba. Moroccan FDA (za3ma) will start to get suspecious and take it off the shelves.

Nice work ki dima


2:26 pm    May 19, 2006
Zorro al Maghribi
It's an exciting story... An SF movie we can relate to is a world first... Iwa bla manderbouke bel3ayene... Kemmele kemmele

10:13 am    May 19, 2006
A great piece like all you have written before, full with amazing imagination and creativity. Keep them coming a sidi.
All the best,
m9adda w madya :-)

9:38 am    May 19, 2006

hudhud message
cute story, really like the artwork. seems very spielberg-ET-inspired :)

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