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Shining ability is a gift...
05:53:36 PM Monday Oct 22, 2007

"Write a new note !" is a door not easy to nock at every five minutes. "Write a new note" seems to be like having a new baby in terms of difficulty and expectations. Sometimes a "new note" comes down like an avalanche trigger. It frees energies, releases power, raises hopes, breeds confidence, heels wounds and sometimes arouse anxieties... How the baby is going to look like, would he/she be healthy and beautiful or would he/she be dramatically lacking perfection? but a "note" is anyway a sort of creation, a push toward change. A step up in an helicoidal cycle progress. History repeats itself, as goes the saying, but never the same way it does obviously. It could be successful but often it is a failure.

The first time I came accross the "Raioocom" site, some seven years ago, please consider relativity in time, I was just amazed by two notes that struck me at the time and left prints in my mind for ever .

The first one was about the "Kuway", the guy who used to go around from village to village, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, selling his services for Lbrared and Sinyat repair, spreading waves of fantasy in our then young minds. His Sebsi and the casually offered tea by clients ritual mostly females, were a major feature display. That was a successful shot. I mean the note.

The second was the note on "Driving in Morocco". I remember I had printed many copies of that one and distributed them to all my friends, for fun in the first hand. That was also a good one which, to a certain extent, brought about progressively a tremendous change in the mentalities of drivers in Morocco as it was later on, and for quite a long time, circulated by many multimedia means that targeted drivers.

Building on such a beuatiful experience, the "Raioocom" comunity has spontaneously gained over time a great deal of maturity. Compared to most of the fora I recently got to follow on the internet, topics discussed and the ways they are discussed in Raioocom are now, from my point of view, a matter of pride. The hardcore multitude guaranteeing the quality and the continuity, is as numerous as diversified. Nothing to envy the Ztazen "natives" for. Sympathatic people, from somewhere between reality and dreams, moroccans, north africans, are giving sense to life wherever they go, wherever they live, whenever they act, resisting the nowdays regression and decadence. Let us shine as we did over the centuries. Let us create joy and hope around us. Let us move forward... I beleive we have the genes for that, the adequate CPU's and OSs Microsoft would never be able to create...

PS. : I maybe need a break! ;)

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6:00 pm    November 2, 2007
What's the purpose of a note ?

2:33 pm    October 29, 2007

Salem message
What ?
Topics are too greasy or what ?
A cold wind is coming from out there...

11:37 pm    October 25, 2007

Salem message
Thanks Adnane for the link to Mehdi's videos at Youtube. I have seen most of his 20 or so videos. My preferred one is entitled "C'est pas serieux + Coco" where he speaks in a unique manner of illiteracy in the arab world. The illustration with the illiterate who received a letter reminded me of the movie from MGM "Stanley & Iris" with Robert De Niro and Jane Fonda. The movie could be a perfect illustration of Mehdi's comment on illiteracy. If you've got the opportunity to see it, do not hesitate.


3:44 pm    October 23, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Baba Salem ~ Mehdi is also an occasional youtube blogger, check him out.

3:34 pm    October 23, 2007

Salem message
I'm glad we have so many things in common? There is so much to discover and enjoy in here as we get to know each other over time. We owe you this nice place where moroccans... (can) click. What can we do to reward you?. Thank you so much my friend.

Bienavenido hombre. Visito a tu blog y lei todas la notas que has escrito. Todas me gustan mucho. Me gusta el motivo de creacion de tu blog. Si me lo permites, lo transcribo aqui:

" Así que decidí crear un Blog.Para hacer una denuncia, un grito y también abrir una ventana en la pared de mi país para que el mundo tenga otro punto de vista de la cultura Marroquí.
Dedico parte de este Blog a mi madre porque ha sido y sigue siendo la persona en la que más pienso. La quise meter en este lío! Para hacerle un homenaje cada vez que escribo y también, porque seguramente me ayudará mucho tenerla cerca para hablar de la mujer árabe, sus problemas, miedos e inquietudes".

Mehdi, before you gave us your Blog address, I didn't know you were new in the Raioocom comunity. Your positive and yet precaucious comments draw my attention and I perceived you as one of the strong pillars of this comunity. It's a nice surprise to learn that you are new in here. No wonder, although I was keeping track of Raioocom for Seven Years, I joined only last July. that is only four months. So we are acually both new. I noticed you are not yet a member, why don't you sign up and contribute with your notes for an english using comunity while continueing writing nicely in spanish as you do on you own blog/.


7:09 am    October 23, 2007
I only discoverd this year, i feel like a fish who found an ocean to swim in.
Thank you for accepting a fish from the other side of the pond.



9:43 pm    October 22, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Man that was such a nice post to read. I feel the same way about everything you said. So I thank you for putting it so eloquently. I always felt that raioo ought to promote free speech, and ought to remain a nice little place where Moroccans.. click!

As for the two notes you were referring to, they sure are among the early classics. Al-Kaway by Mahjoub, and An Honest Driver by Antr. In fact, Antr and I just recently wrote a script that was inspired by that anecdote in hopes to find a producer who would help pioneer it as a short film. I personally have great hopes for it. In that script draft, we were able to manifest the best of what our imagination could dream for camera angles, pace, colors and cinematics. So I do thank raioo for providing a springboard for little ideas, and a space to know and meet some of the best people around.


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