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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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Hmida Rass Lmida à L'Avare de Molière!
09:24:32 PM Tuesday Nov 6, 2007

For all the lovers of L'Avare par Molière, and all the lovers of our dear Moroccan traditional men with roza, the ones who farm the lands, raise the cattles and provide the milk, the ones who wake up at 4am and lay down at 8pm, the ones whose faces are etched with courage lines, the ones whom generosity is boundless and who never complain... well... except for Hmida Rass Lmida!

Idea: Adnane Benali
Interpretation: Bouchra Ziraoui


Hmida: (kayghawet au voleur ferra7ba, w ja bla rozto)

wa sheffar w sheffar!!!
wa l 9ettal
wa l gheddar
Allah Allah
wa rani sga3
w rani mchit fiha
nari dab7ouni
nari khawnouni/sar9ouni
wa chkoun had 3adow Allah
w fin l9ah
fin howa al gheddar
fin makhzoun
kifash nal9ah
fin najri
fin namchi
wach kayen hna
wach mcha min hna
chkoun howa
a w9eff eh!
raje3 lia floussi (w ched yiddeh)
wa rah rir ana
3a9li mcha
tar lia farkh
mab9itch na3raf fin ana
mab9itch na3raf chkoun ana
mabitch 3araf achno kandir
floussi msakin
floussi homa s7abi
dawk 3lia
mili khawnouk/sar9ouk,
mcha lia kolchi
farha diali mchat
dafnouni 7ay
mabgha 7ad ya3te9ni....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ACTE V. Scene 1

Hmida, Kaid w' chawesh.

Kaid: Wa ta khalina ndiro khadmitna, rah 3arfin mandiro
Hmida: Shouf rah wakil jalalat malik baghi yakhor had al 9adiya. Rah matl9aliyash floussi ghadi natlob al adala min adala.
Kaid: wa ta baraka sade3tina bil hadra, sh7al mch lik?
Hmida: alfayen drahim w mahsoubin maziane
kaid: alfayen drahim!
Hmida: alfayen drahim (kaibki)
kaid: ewa hadi raha khawna/sar9a kbira hadi
Hmida: wa rah khassna nal9aw li dar had al 3amla bash n7isso bil aman fi had bled
kaid: had flouss, kanou kolhom drahim?
Hmida: la n3am a ssi. Jouj dryalattes, rib3a dryalattes, 3ashra dryalattes w drahim. w sh biassattes dial khamssa drahim w 3achrat drahim
Kaid: Chak fi chi wahed?
Hmida: kolchi. Bnadem kolo. ana baghikom tchoddo la9bila kolha.
kaid: wa ta sikkitna min had al hadra khawya w goulina la kayen 3andek shi chhoud!

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1:48 pm    November 12, 2007

abdelilah message
I wonder why people did not have glasses in early days. We are proud of our identity as long as we do not keep the bad aspects and we do not folklorize it a la Benjelloun.

11:29 am    November 9, 2007

Salem message
Allah Yer7am8a Meskina. She was a great lady. A great musician and a nice lady.

11:22 am    November 9, 2007

hudhud message
yes it's cheikha rimitti, queen of rai :o))

10:52 am    November 9, 2007

Salem message
Rimitti ? I think I have seen that image before.

4:10 pm    November 7, 2007

Salem message

Your new image is somehow mysterious but clearer, anayway sympathetic.

Best regards


2:23 pm    November 7, 2007

hudhud message
yes I saw that too, those eyes are incredible.

btw Tasnime I couldn't reach you via email. if you still have my email addy shoot me a line :) hope you're doing great!


1:29 pm    November 7, 2007
Another face that I found to be profoundly telling is the face that Meditel used for its humanitarian campaign during Ramadan...
Here is the poster

No casting was done to find this man. He is simply a guard at the pub agency that was in charge of the campaign...


9:12 am    November 7, 2007

hudhud message
I absolutely love these old men's faces, they tell so many stories. Great pictures and fun interpretation on the theatric scenes :o)

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